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We offer a full range of discreet, personal, and professional service, designed to minimize risks or incidents and optimize protection and mobility. Our professionals are trained and highly skilled in the areas of threat assessment, logistics planning, crisis management, and emergency response. Your safety, privacy, and security are of utmost priority.

Also, discretion, confidentiality, and sensitivity are the hallmarks of our company’s approach to personal protection.


GLOBAL PROTECTION GROUP offers personal security chauffeur services for top-tier business executives, diplomats or any VIP seeking professionally trained security transportation, rather than the standard taxi or limousine service. Whether it is a trip from the airport, or to the office, presentation or event, GLOBAL PROTECTION GROUP has the skills and resources to move you safely, securely and conveniently.


When it comes to securing residential areas, we are leading providers. We offer 24-hour gate guards, dispatch, patrols, and emergency response services. We have the latest in technology and knowledge, as well as the best practices to keep your residential property safe and secure.

We know that it is essential for our personnel to be familiar with both your property and the people who reside there. During their shift, they can conduct a roving patrol or vehicle patrol to safeguard against any illegal activity, such as theft, trespassing, loitering, and vandalism. They will also be able to respond to emergency situations and serve as a liaison between the property they are guarding and the local police.

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We provide global executive and close protection for clients, senior executives, families and private individuals. This support delivers 'end to end' personal protection of a group or individual during travel. Including, security advice and liaison, travel management, venue surveys, risk assessments and reactive surveillance.​​


GLOBAL PROTECTION GROUP offers exclusive services allowing you to experience a whole new quality of life. We provides a personalized service that gives you joy and a sense of freedom. Taking care of your everyday matters and duties, we allow you to enjoy every free moment.

Exceptional attention to every detail will allow us to actively take care of your professional and private life, and you will rediscover the luxury of having free time.

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